Vayne’s canonical look from LoL will be changed? What does the character look like in the LoR card game?

Riot showed the appearance of Vayne in Leagends of Runettera. The basic skin of the heroine is different from the one in LoL.

The card game from Riot is constantly evolving. The developers are adding new events, skins or rewards to it and, most importantly, hero cards that everyone knows very well from Summoner’s Rift.

Such novelties are a good opportunity to slightly upgrade character designs. Separate splash artists of champions are created for LoR, so Riot can modify their appearance, add new elements or expand the lore with more interesting facts.

Recently, graphics showing Vayne appeared online. Players were interested in the fact that the heroine is depicted in the Sentinel skin version.

Vayne in Legends of Runeterra

One user noted that the basic image of Vayne in the Legends of Runeterra card game is not the one seen in League of Legends.

Looks like riot is changing Vayne’s canon default appearance. From her new LoR reveal it looks like riot is sticking to Vayne being a Sentinel from the end of the Ruination event.

I wonder if this means we might get model updates for champions who have a new look in lore but have a outdated default skin in game (COUGH MISS FORTUNE COUGH)

Our target was once human, which means it’s smarter than your average beast. One wrong move could spell death for us all. Stay within eyesight of one another, call out anything suspicious–but above all else, remember…

…shoot to kill.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time that LoL characters have been revamped in other games from Riot. Sometimes these are minor cosmetic changes, such as a modified outfit or hairstyle, but it also happens that canonically the characters now look completely different from what can be seen on Summoner’s Rift. A good example is the aforementioned Miss Fortune, who has a very dated look in League of Legends. In Riot’s stories or graphics, the heroine looks different – often dressed similarly to her Captain skin.