Riot reveals how much progress in new LoL pass can be made with missions alone

The developers have answered players’ questions about the latest pass in League of Legends.

Currently, an event is underway in LoL to celebrate the 2022 World Cup. The pass is combined with the release of the second part of the Spirit Blossom skins, and it is the cosmetic additions from this series that can be unlocked in it.

The new event differs from the previous ones, as Riot has introduced a sizable graphical refresh in the client (the progress of the pass can now be observed in a new tab, which also displays the available rewards) and experience points have been added, with the help of which one acquires more pass levels.

Not surprisingly, many fans began to wonder whether doing event missions makes sense – how many rewards can be unlocked this way? Will buying a pass pay off? Riot has answered these questions.

Worlds 2022 event – is it worth participating in?

A post appeared on Reddit, in which one player asked whether participating in the League of Legends World Championship event is worthwhile. The author of the post wondered whether the new form of the pass involves too much grind, and asked how much could be gained by only completing missions that appear in the client.

Riot Rovient decided to respond to this. In his first comment, he wrote that 10,000 XP can be obtained from the event’s missions alone.

Players began to ask Rioter for more details. Will future events also offer so many missions? Or perhaps the pass associated with the World Championships gives more XP because it combines several themes (Worlds, Spirit Blossom, Halloween). One fan wrote:

so are we getting every pass event after worlds ~10,000XP from missions? because not every event includes 3 skinlines like this worlds event

Rovient replied again.

Yep! We’ll adjust the amount up if an event is ever shorter than normal (as in, we’ll make your progress through the pass faster for an event through mission XP to make up for a reduction in time to play).