Syndra from LoL has gained significantly in popularity, but her win rate has continued to drift away

How is Syndra of League of Legends doing after a sizable update?

Syndra is one of the more distinctive characters among League of Legends midlaners. Her skill set allows her to eliminate damage-prone characters quickly and effectively, which has translated into the popularity of the heroine both among ordinary players and in the e-sports scene.

The skillset that came with the heroine to League of Legends in 2012 remained virtually unchanged. Due to the fact that the heroine wasn’t doing as well as the developers would have liked, and the skillset was already starting to show its age, in patch 12.19 Syndra received a sizable update that somehow changed virtually every one of her skillets. How were the heroine’s stats affected by the patches in question?

Syndra after patch 12.19

Update 12.10, which brought a sizable patch to League of Legends that changed the durability of all heroes, made Syndra fall off the meta. It became more difficult to use combo effectively, and the character became somewhat useless to the team when she was no longer able to burst her opponents.

This prompted Riot to release Syndra’s first major update, allowing players to upgrade her abilities a bit more actively. At the cost of strength in the early stages of the game, the heroine gained more in the late game. Syndra’s play rate has increased significantly, jumping from 2.4% to over 15%. The character is also banned much more often.

The average win rate, however, continues to stay behind. It has grown from 48.08% to just 49.14%. Statistics from the e-sports world are also missing at this point, as Worlds 2022’s biggest event is taking place on the previous update, in which Syndra still had the old skill set.

The increase in win rate in the higher divisions may suggest that the ratio will stabilize over time, and it will still grow until then. Players need to get used to the new skillset, which is slightly different from the one Syndra has had for more than a decade. Riot at this point did not see the need to correct the heroine with additional tweaks in the upcoming 12.20 update.