They can’t train for Worlds because they don’t have the Internet, and often no electricity. A strange situation in LoL

The players waiting for the 2021 World Cup do not have Wi-Fi or even electricity.

This year’s 2021 World Cup has moved from China to Europe due to the current global situation. Information about this was announced shortly before the tournament, so the organization of some things had to be carried out urgently.

However, many League of Legends fans find it unacceptable that some teams do not have the internet to train freely.

Players without Internet

While waiting for the official game of the 2021 World Cup, the pros usually play the ranked games or train connection or even sometimes electricity.

Although the shortage of electricity is independent of the organizers, Wi-Fi should be standard, but it is not. Among others, Andrei Pascu and Marek Brazda informed about it on his Twitter,

Some even laugh that Worlds should be held in Wild Rift – the mobile version of League of Legends.

Elyoya, on the other hand, told his fans that in 2 days they had no electricity 4 times. It is likely that Faker and his team had similar problems as they randomly “left” ranked games.

Consequently, it is hardly surprising that they are outraged. While others are getting ready and using every spare moment to improve their skills, they don’t even have the internet on their computers. Will Riot do something about it? Certainly yes, but still controversial among players is the fact that something so basic was not taken care of.