The official trailer for Spirit Blossom 2022 – an upcoming event for LoL. Who according to the leaks will get the skins?

A trailer for the return of Spirit Blossom to League of Legends. Who will receive skins during this event?

The Spirit Blossom event was really important for League of Legends. In addition to being incredibly popular due to the fact that it was the first to expand the event to something more than new skins and a pass. Players were able to delve into the story of heroes who received skins in a special visual novel that was available in the client.

After its huge success, it was almost certain that Spirit Blossom would return to League. This information has been confirmed by leaks, and now via an official trailer. What exactly does it look like and who, according to the leaks, may receive the new skins?

Spirit Blossom 2022

A video entitled Wandering Spirits has appeared on the official League of Legends Youtube channel. This is the official trailer for the Spirit Blossom 2022 event, which is set to appear in LoL.


In the film, Sett reads out a letter he wrote to his mother during the trip. He describes to her the course of his trip, during which he encountered several League heroes. Fans point out in the comments the references they managed to spot. In the video you can find, among others:

  • Sett (during the entire trailer)
  • Karma (twin crescents that represent her spinning crescents on her back) 0:23
  • Darius (axe on the right side) 0:27
  • Aphelios (Crescendum on the left side) 0:27
  • Bard (the thing that lies on the ground and the Meeps) 0:35
  • Tristana (or other female Yordle) 0:45
  • Master Yi (position and Yi’s characteristic sword on his back) 0:55
  • Syndra (3 butterflies in orbs that represent her) 1:10

According to earlier leaks, the skins were to go to Seth (legendary skin), Soraka, Aphelios, Master Yi (prestige skin), Syndra, Tristana, Yorick, Darius and Evelynn. As you can see, many of the mentioned skins overlap, so the leaks were most likely true. What will ultimately be added to League will become clear soon, when the developers will officially announce the new cosmetic items.