LoL players want these improvements from a Chinese server to be available worldwide

A League of Legends fan has suggested that Riot add some game elements from a Chinese server for players from the rest of the world.

There are many servers in LoL, and it’s common knowledge that they are not equal. It has practically always been said that the Korean server has a much higher level than any other. This, of course, is not the end of the differences. In other parts of the world, players have other languages available (which should hardly surprise anyone), as well as occasionally different in-game graphics or gadgets to buy.

It’s already been rumored years ago that older skins in particular have different splash art in China, not only because of censorship (such as skulls), but for other reasons as well.

While it’s hard to demand that Riot add Asian languages to the European servers to choose from (although requests for this have been made more than once), players believe that the developers could carry over some gameplay improvements from China that aren’t available in Europe or America. What is it all about?

Timers for inhibitors and more

A Reddit user nicknamed musketeer101 suggested that Riot could transfer the Chinese improvements to the rest of the servers. What exactly did he have in mind? He’s mainly referring to inhibitor timers, but that’s not the only addition Chinese League fans have received.

I want to have timers for inhibitors like the Chinese servers. The Chinese servers get timers on the minimap for inhibitors. And they get other special functions too like being able to hide their match history and have automated messages. I want to have the same thing for other servers because why not. I know we could live without them but it’s just nice to have.

Chinese splash art of Gothic Annie

What do the rest of the players think? It’s easy to guess that opinions are, as always, divided. To this day, there are those who believe that any jungle timers make the gameplay too easy and the gameplay becomes more and more casual. In the comments under the post quoted above, there was no shortage of reminiscences of the old seasons, in which one noted on the chat, for example, the specific minute of the dragon’s appearance.

There are also those who believe that servers should be equal in terms of improvements and additions. Players don’t understand why the Chinese can enjoy certain enhancements, while people from Europe, for example, have to do without them.