Will the MMO from Riot feature battles with characters known from League of Legends?

The head of the team working on the MMO from Riot reveals whether LoL characters will appear as opponents in the game.

The MMO from Riot is one of the more anticipated titles in recent times. Thousands of players from all over the world are looking forward to exploring the open world, discovering interesting locations, and encountering various opponents who come from well-known places from the League of Legends world, such as Ionia, Noxus, Demacia, and Shurima.

Over the past months, fans have been guessing what the different locations in the game might look like, what classes will be available to play and so on. Recently, the question was raised whether the characters known from Summoner’s Rift will appear in the MMO in the form of bosses. What does the head of production say about this?

Will LoL characters be bosses in an MMO?

Greg Street, head of the development team, posted several posts on Twitter talking about the creation of the MMO and how passionate he is about sharing ideas with the rest of the team.

As the head of this MMO team, I don’t do a lot of actual “making things” type work. One exception is that I do brainstorm and problem solve for creatures, especially things to fight. It’s something I’ve done a lot both for work and in D&D, and I love doing it.
It’s satisfying for me to consider both the creative side of what they are, and the gameplay side of how things fight, as well as making them sensibly fit in a (fantasy) ecosystem.

Largely thanks to LoR, there are a fair number of creatures in the world already, but (we and other games!) are going to need so many more!

One player asked Greg if the studio sees introducing champions from League of Legends as bosses in the MMO.

You probably can’t answer, but I’m wondering if dungeon bosses can/will be any champions we know of? I keep imagining struggling to take down a GIANT cho’gath and it has me really intrigued.

What does Rioter say about this?

We want to treat the champions with a lot of respect. I’m not saying you will never fight any of them, but we aren’t just going to turn to them anytime we are short on boss ideas.

What could this mean? The community is guessing that perhaps the developers want to introduce battles with LoL champions as part of major events, or offer heroes as opponents in final battles that will summarize the storyline of a location.

The card game from Riot shows that it’s not at all necessary to add Summoner’s Rift characters to the game to make battles interesting and exciting. The latest addition to LoR introduced several new Darkins to the title, who are incredibly interesting – this proves that the developers still have a ton of interesting ideas, so the MMO will definitely not be boring.