This character in LoL has been strong for 5 updates and Riot doesn’t even think to nerf it. It is becoming a problem

Rek’Sai is a bit too strong at the moment, but the creators don’t want to nerf her.

The Void Fury is a great counter to Lee Sin or Evelynn. She does well during early ganking. Although she has always been strong in the hands of skilled players, she now dominates the entire Summoner’s Rift since the 5th update.

However, it turns out that Riot Games has no intention of nerfing her. At least, that information wasn’t provided by an employee sharing a description of the upcoming 12.18 update.

Rek’Sai still without a nerf

A well-known League of Legends stats collection site notes that Rek’Sai is currently doing exceptionally well. Above platinum, she wins an average of 52% of matches, and in the Master, it is already almost 55%. This means that the heroine is a bit too good and perhaps it would be appropriate to nerf her at least a little. However, this is not in Riot’s plans for a future patch. Perhaps the creators really want to see her at Worlds, and judging by the love of this character by pros, you can be sure that she will definitely appear. Of course, as long as she is not banned in every match.

She works great during early ganks. She has the ability to quickly get to the opponent, toss him around, and then inflict a lot of damage on the helpless opponent. However, she needs to win the match quickly, as she loses power in the middle phase of the game.

Players usually build the Prowler’s Claw mythic on her, followed immediately by Edge of Night and Guardian Angel. All of this is for the reason that while her inputs are really good, it’s a bit harder for her to come out of that fight later, so she needs more survivability.