The ice dragon from Wild Rift will also appear on PC? Riot reveals some information about it

League of Legends developers have hinted that the Ice Drake known from Wild Rift will also appear in the PC version.

Dragons on Summoner’s Rift are some of the strongest neutral monsters. They, as well as Baron Nashor, are targeted by both teams, as gaining the bonuses they provide gives players an advantage that can significantly affect the outcome of a match.

In the past, there was only one dragon, but over time Riot made various modifications. Years later, elemental dragons appeared in the game, which significantly affected the appearance of the map. Some time later, more drake versions were added – Hextech and Chemtech. Although with the latter the story was a bit convoluted and it caused considerable problems, it was eventually adopted by the community after modifications made by Riot.

There is a chance that another drake will join this group – an ice drake, which has already been presented as it is available in the mobile version of the game, Wild Rift.

Ice Dragon on Summoner’s Rift

There are currently six different dragons in League of Legends on PC. Four of them are related to the elements, while the other two are Hextech and Chemtech. Each provides a different bonus and affects the look of the map.

Ice Drake, the first-ever elemental dragon available exclusively in Wild Rift, was added relatively recently and was warmly received by the mobile game community. The developers noticed it and apparently decided that it would be worth adding it to the PC version of LoL in the future as well.

Rioter Andrei “Meddler” van Roon wrote:

If the ice drake goes well for WR we’d be open to adding it to LoL PC as well at some point. Adding additional drakes isn’t one of our higher priorities at present for preseason/large gameplay update work though, we think other issues are more pressing gameplay wise

As you can see, Riot is open to change, although yes, as Meddler said, introducing another dragon is not currently a priority for the studio. This does not mean, however, that Ice Drake will not appear on Summoner’s Rift in the future.

The developers have already shown several times that initially unique content for the mobile version doesn’t have to stay that way forever at all – skins that initially came out only for Wild Rift are being systematically added to LoL (recent examples are Star Guardian Orianna and Seraphine).