Virtually no one uses the new pings from LoL? What do players write about it?

Are new pings in League of Legends an unnecessary addition? What do fans think?

The fact that pings in League of Legends are really important hardly needs to be told to anyone. Communication in a team game is crucial to victory, and writing long messages in chat is not ideal when time is important. Riot is well aware of this and has decided to expand it with some new variants. However, one of the players wrote a post in which he presented his point of view, which was supported by a considerable number of users – in his opinion, the new pings are practically not used by anyone. What does it look like in practice?

What’s wrong with the new pings?

A user with the nickname CheckAcademic9098 shared his thoughts on the new pings that were introduced in the last preseason. According to him, relatively few players are using them, despite Riot’s efforts to get the pings to as many players as possible.

The new pings are basically never used at all. Neither is objective voting. At this point, my eyes don’t even see the objective vote menu pop up. Kinda funny how Riot pushed these new features as huge parts of preseason and focus on higher communcation across teams in solo queue… It didn’t work at all. No one uses these things. I only use the new pings by accident. When someone else uses them I also wonder if it’s accidental.

Also the objective voting was just dead on arrival. It wasn’t used at first and it’s not used now. Overall, just a failed addition to the game sadly. Nothing would change if it was removed tbh.

Among other things, the comments included jokes about the “Bait” ping, which was quite controversial for a moment after its release due to its graphics. Toxic players began to use it not necessarily in the way the developers had planned. The developers quickly caught this and changed the graphics.

However, there were also statements to the effect that they did not necessarily agree with the author of the post and wrote that they were using some of the new messages.

The vision ones are great, the other pings are kinda hard to use. I don’t see them every game but I see them used regularly. Especially the push ping

Push ping feels so good as a laner. So often junglers dont push my lane if I need push help.

It appears that some players appreciate the addition introduced in the last preseason. Nonetheless, it will take time for players to get used to the new pings, which previously remained constant for many years.