What news does Riot have about Quick Play in League of Legends? New queue coming to the game soon?

What is known about Quick Play, the new queue that was supposed to come to League of Legends?

There are several queues in League of Legends that are further divided. You can play a rotating game mode, ranked on Summoner’s Rift, or standard gameplay on the same in a draftee or blind pick. There is also a slightly faster game mode, ARAM, which people often opt for when they know they don’t have a lot of time but still want to spend a while with the League.

It can take a while to start a match, and things can get dramatically worse when someone leaves the queue at the very end. For this reason, Riot wanted to offer players another way to start a match, which was called Quick Play. Players will be able to choose two heroes and two positions, and then join a queue, from which they will immediately hit the loading screen. However, it’s been a while since the last news, and fans have begun to wonder what stage the work is at.

When will Quick Play appear?

Online, one user asked what’s next for the queue, which was announced by the developers some time ago. In theory, it would have made joining a game much simpler, saving time before the start of the match. However, the novelty has not been announced by Riot for some time, and more interested players began to inquire about some news from the developers.

3 Months ago Riot announced Quickplay, a new Mode that will replace Blind Pick and let you pick a Position and Champion before queueing up for a Game, skipping the Champ Select Screen entirely. Back then they said they will test it in a few Regions in the following Months but we’ve had no News on it so far.

When is public Testing supposed to roll out?

One player pointed out that in April the team encountered problems that caused both the new queue and TFT to be faulty. However, the error according to Rioter’s statement has been eliminated. So what is the reason for the delays?

We fixed the issues with the matchmaking test within a day of launching, the results were really positive after that. We were hoping to get Quick Play out before the midyear patch but weren’t quite able to finish before we had to pivot to Emerald and other ranked Split 2 stuff, so we’ll be picking it back up shortly and plan to get it out later this year.

The delays are thus linked to changes in the ranked queue, which was a higher priority for Riot. However, all indications are that Quick Play will make its way to League of Legends later this year, as tests have shown that the new type of queue will do its job well.