Wild Rift’s Teemo is much more interesting than the one in LoL on PC? “He’s playable again.”

Players believe that Teemo’s skills in Wild Rift have given the hero new life.

Teemo is an incredibly distinctive League of Legends hero. Everyone knows him well, mainly because he is a character known for his annoying style of play. Most players have experienced firsthand how annoying mushrooms spread on the map can be.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of voices saying that while the champion can be quite annoying to the opponent, playing with him is not particularly interesting. Some LoL fans say outright that playing Teemo is simply boring.

It turns out that the Wild Rift version of the character is slightly different from what can be found on PC. Did the skill changes work well for the character?

Teemo in Wild Rift

One Reddit user brought up the topic of Teemo, specifically the fact that in Wild Rift the character’s abilities are slightly altered. This makes playing him much more fun and interesting.

It is worth recalling how the character’s skills look like in the mobile version of League of Legends:

  • Move Quick
    • Teemo scampers around, passively increasing his Movement Speed until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret. Activating Move Quick causes Teemo to roll forward a short distance, sprinting for a few seconds. During this time, Move Quick’s passive speed is doubled, and cannot be removed by damage.

  • Guerilla Warfare
    • After a delay, Teemo becomes camouflaged, unable to be seen unless near an enemy champion or turret. After exiting camouflage, Teemo gains Attack Speed.

It is worth noting that the hero’s third skill not only allows him to become invisible, but Teemo can move while camouflaged. The easiest way to compare it to Twitch’s Q.

It is the introduction of additional mobility in the form of rollover and the ability to move while invisible that makes Teemo’s gameplay in Wild Rift very satisfying. A player wrote:

Wild Rift actually made Teemo playable and fun.

I actually feel like a little guerilla warfare champ, rather than a shroom/blind bot. I can pop out from anywhere without having to stand around for 30-90 seconds, and then reposition with W when the target reacts. It just feels so good and I’d like to see this change make it to the main game. Thoughts?

The player’s entry garnered a lot of positive reviews. It turns out that many Teemo fans would like the hero to be slightly refreshed. According to some, it would be enough to change a single skill to make the champion more mobile and not require standing in one place.