Will you be banned for abusing that ping in LoL? Riot can track you

The controversial ping may be under Riot’s attention. Abusing it could end in a ban.

Along with the 2023 pre-season, several new pings have appeared in League of Legends. They are designed to help players communicate so they don’t have to use the chat.

While this was supposed to help decrease toxicity, eventually the community found one of the pings is being used in a not-necessarily good way. It turns out that Riot can monitor its use.

A ban for that ping?

The developers of the world’s largest MOBA game are fighting toxicity on many levels. They are limiting chat and trying to introduce innovations to increase communication on other levels. One of them are pings. Of course, fans started using them in other ways.

We are talking specifically about the “bait” ping. In theory, it was intended to serve junglers and players eager to start a fight. However, many people associated it with a rope and a noose, the meaning of which needs no explanation. Several hours ago, it was decided to change its appearance, but the new term is unlikely to dissapear quickly.

One streamer reported on Twitter that the developers are recording the number of uses of this ping per game. The reason is supposedly to ban players who abuse it or spam with it. Ziannin reports that the data was revealed to him by a colleague with access to the API.

There were even a few people in the comments who said that they had actually received an account block for spamming pings. However, it is not clear if this was specifically the case.

How much truth is in this? At this point, it’s hard to say whether actually abusing this ping can bring consequences in the form of a ban. However, it is better to keep it in mind.