Will there be new players in League of Legends in 2023? Riot is fighting for them

League of Legends developers are focusing on attracting new players for the upcoming 2023 season.

The 2023 season is fast approaching. Riot Games has already introduced practically all the new features on the official servers, and based on them, the production development plan for this year can be seen clearly.

It is also not something that can be easily overlooked. One can tell from the various additions to facilitate gameplay that the developers have focused on attracting new players.

Riot wants to attract new faces

After many years of developing League of Legends mechanics and introducing new elements, such as items, runes, and heroes, it’s now time to sort it all out and reduce the entry threshold. This one, as everyone probably knows, is huge and a newcomer has to assimilate a huge amount of knowledge.

Among other things, we are talking about several hundred items, runes, and, of course, character skills. Now you can skip a few steps. All this is due to novelties. They are:

  • Suggestions for choosing the right path to follow in the jungle,
  • Jungle facilitations,
  • Suggested skill upgrades,
  • Automatic creation of pages for runes under the character’s play style,
  • New pings.

Although many old-timers don’t like it and think the gameplay is becoming too easy, it’s hard not to be surprised by Riot’s actions. Promotional campaigns for the game are at a high level, and many people are well aware of what League is. Especially after the huge success of the animated series “Arcane” on Netflix. But one thing deters from the game – the level of difficulty.

Riot can’t make gameplay easier per se. It would be like shooting an arrow in your own knee and many players would leave. However, it can be streamlined. Suggesting the choice of runes or maxing out skills has no effect on people who know how they want to play. Instead, it helps fresh players who don’t quite know how something works. It is worth noting that this will increase the level in the lowest divisions. New players will make fewer technical mistakes and will be able to focus on the match.