League of Legends players are complaining about ARAMs. What’s still wrong with them?

Despite the recent ARAM update, players are not satisfied. Which changes are criticized the most?

Big changes to one of the game’s most popular modes came to League of Legends some time ago. ARAMs, which are played on the Howling Abyss map, are the only remaining alternative to the most popular Summoner’s Rift. It’s for players who lack a break from the usual 5 vs 5 gameplay with standard role assignments.

A recent update to ARAMs pushed some life into it, improving the bushes that are in the middle of the map, adding portals, and making towers fall over, blocking passage. Players have so far evaluated the changes really differently. Some fans were delighted with them, while others wrote that Riot was destroying their favorite mode. What else do players who decided to speak out online do not like?

What ARAM changes do fans expect?

The rules of ARAM mode are unlikely to need to be explained to anyone. Although the latest update may have made them a bit more complicated, the gameplay continues to be relatively straightforward, and the fact that heroes are selected randomly makes it much easier to play a game or two for fun.

However, players have reservations about the balancing of the game mode, and many statements negatively refer to the revival times, which, according to their authors, ruin the mode in question.

The game most just feels so awful now. The aram balance adjustments feel awful and the new tower falling/death times feel terrible as well. One of my favorite champions, ashe, is forced to not go adc, while Leblanc gets broken modifiers because iron players suck at her. No aram adjustment should go past 5% in my opinion. Yes some champs will be better than others but at least I don’t have to scroll down a list every pre game to see what champs are currently neutered.

User chovyfan, who returned to League of Legends after a break, commented on the news and at the same time outlined what he believes is ARAMs biggest problem.

I came back after Christmas and played ARAM only to see that the mode received quite a few changes. As a hardcore ARAM player (over 6,000 games) I think the fixes are ok. The turret changes are cool and add something new. The % balancing changes are nothing new, so I can live with that. The thing that took all the fun out of ARAMs was the death timers. I do not play this mode to stand in the base and watch my team fight.

The main factor that gave pleasure on ARAMs was how quickly you could get back into the fight after death. The changes have killed all the enjoyment of the game. I can play characters like Singed or Karthus, for example, and if my team has no frontlane I’m practically on a suicide mission.

The player asks that Riot restore ARAMs to continuous action and not force players to stand in the base, where team fights should make up the majority of the match. In the comments section, meanwhile, one can find many statements that agree with the author of the post. According to one commenter, games end too quickly, and a gray screen or waiting for allies to be resurrected to keep battles even is, in his opinion, half the game.

Comebacks practically don’t happen anymore. The revival time wouldn’t bother me so much if losing one fight didn’t decide the outcome of the entire match.

At this point, the League’s developers have not announced any changes. However, it is highly likely that the designers will respond to the negative response from the community.