He is currently one of the best midlaners in League of legends. He wins more than 55% of games

Zac is currently the most winning midlaner in LoL. What makes him so strong?

Zac is a champion who appeared on Summoner’s Rift on March 29, 2013. He was never particularly popular, which affected the number of cosmetic add-ons that were released for him – almost 10 years after his release, he has only a few skins.

Despite the fact that the hero deviates in appearance from the most beloved characters, which probably has a big impact on his popularity, he defends himself with his skills, thanks to which he occasionally returns to the meta. Virtually every League of Legends player is familiar with this champion, who can jump out from behind the wall at the least expected moment.

Recently, Zac has enjoyed tremendous success in the middle lane. The result is not trivial, as the character currently has the first place when it comes to win rate – it tops 55%. What makes the aforementioned character so strong? What to build on it?

The best midlaner in League of Legends?

A few days ago it was mentioned that Singed surprised the community and appeared on the podium of the most winning midlaner heroes (see: This non-obvious pick is currently wreaking havoc on the middle lane in League of Legends).

It’s worth taking a look at who fought him for the top spot in the ranking. It is, of course, about Zac. According to, the hero is currently winning 55.46% of games and is in the S+ tier.

Many players believe that Zac’s domination of the middle lane was directly contributed to by a fairly new item – Jak’Sho, The Protean. Building this item after Sunfire Aegis will make the champion incredibly difficult to kill, while at the same time being able to deal a lot of damage to opponents.

This is how the set of runes and the order of the items to be built looks:

In addition, the hero’s ability to reach ideal positions on the map helps him create tremendous pressure during the match. At that time, normal midlaners usually had to stay in their lane to hit minions. Meanwhile, Zac is a damage-resistant champion with cheaper, more efficient items, so he can comfortably roam other alleys to help his team.

The character’s abilities help her create tremendous pressure on enemies, who are gradually pushed toward their Nexus.

In fact, this use of Zac has been around for a long time – the idea was used at the 2022 World Championships by VCS player, Saigon Buffalo. However, it was only when the Yak’Sho item appeared that the champion became really powerful and effective.