Why are Kalista players complaining a lot about what decisions Riot is making at the moment?

LoL’s Kalista has not been doing well for a long time. Players are disappointed that Riot is not doing anything about it.

Kalista is one of the unique characters in League of Legends, which hit the game in late 2014. The character is mainly distinguished by her mechanics of basic attacks, which are crucial for virtually every ADC character. Kalista can perform a short dash with each blow, which makes the way she positions herself unique.

So it’s not hard to wonder that the character has a devoted fan base, who are currently not necessarily happy with her status compared to other shooters. Players complain not only about the low strength of the heroine’s skill set but also about the lack of interest in her from the developers. What exactly does one of her fans write?

Kalista’s poor situation

A user with the nickname SeanORiley published a post in which he wrote what he thinks is the problem of the character in question. He writes that the heroine is impossible to balance from at least three Yuumi and unpopular from a minimum of two Rell. The author most simply meant the time that has passed since the release of the aforementioned heroines and wondered if Riot will finally do something to bring the character back to life.

As much as I enjoy the cycle of her being strong for 1 patch and then her (and the support that breaks her) get slapped back to sub-47% winrate for another year or two, it seems strange to me that with the discussions of Rell’s gameplay rework, Yuumi’s planned rework, Neeko’s midscope, and the pile of “Unpopular but unfulfilled” champions getting changed while Kalista has been more polarizing and weaker for longer.

I’m always excited to see the cope of “Oh its actually good design that she can’t do as much damage as ever other ADC” or “Its actually good design that she loses attack speed after a certain point because it would be unfair if she could use all of her AD and Attack Speed” while she remains one of the weakest champions AND underplayed champions in the class.

The character currently wins 48.69% of games and is selected in 2.33% of games. In tier lists, she is far behind other ADCs and this situation does not promise to change. The heroine’s skill set makes her not very popular, and a good familiarity with her skill set is necessary to win games.

Kalista’s regular players do better than average with her, but the delta coefficient, which is an indicator of how her main from the higher division performs against the average player, is lower than one would expect. It stands at 7.5, which places her 18th among all characters chosen as a carry behind ADCs such as Vayne, Zeri, Akshan, Kai’Sa, Xayah, and Aphelios, among others.

In addition to Kalista’s gameplay problems, players are also commenting on Riot’s approach to the character. Cited by one player, the launch of the book, which told largely about the fate of the heroine in question, passed without much echo among the League of Legends community, with only Viego receiving a skin.

Imagine creating a whole new book about a champion, give that champion zero skins in comemoration and still let them in the dirt.

Of course, there was also mention of the heroine’s design, which is not sexy or cute enough to attract a huge number of players by appearance. According to fans, this is one of the main reasons why Kalista is not in the developers’ focus. At this point, absolutely nothing is known about the planned improvements to the heroine in question….