LoL players laugh at these drops in Yuumi’s win ratio

Yuumi’s sudden drops in win rate have become the cause of jokes among the LoL community.

Magic Cat is a truly peculiar League of Legends heroine. She stands out not only because of her adorable appearance but also because of her unusual skill set, which approaches the support role on Summoner’s Rift quite differently. Her mechanic of joining another champion, which gives her invulnerability, has caused considerable discussion among fans of the title.

Because of her unusual skills, Yuumi has gained many opponents who sincerely hate her and think that playing her requires no knowledge of the game. There have been many jokes on the web that the character is so easy that it is possible to win games with her even if the player is making dinner or cleaning the room at the same time.

People who dislike Magic Cat have found another reason to ridicule her fans. This time it’s about the drastic drops in win ratio.

Yuumi’s new players?

On the statistics page,, you can see that Yuumi’s win ratio has scored strong declines recently. However, it’s not an even decline, but some periods where the kitty loses significantly more games.

The blue line is Diamond players, and they are the ones who are often accused of boosting, especially if they are Yuumi’s mains and play in duos with a trusted ADC.

Some people laugh that such drastic drops mean an influx of new players who decided to play Yuumi on their weekends off or the break between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Leaving aside this curiosity, it is worth seeing how the aforementioned heroine is doing overall. Currently, her win rate is just over 47%, and the character herself is in the C+ tier. This means that the end of December was not a very good time for her.

Currently, there are much stronger support champions. A good example would be Sona, who wins 53.75% of games, or Maokai and Janna, whose win ratio is around 53%.