All the news and free items related to Pride Month in LoL and other games

What has appeared in League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Legends of Runeterra to celebrate Pride Month?

June 1 marked the start of Pride Month, a month in which representatives of the LGBTQ+ community proudly speak out about who they are. People who don’t belong to a minority can also show their support – and in games from Riot Games, it’s very easy, as the developers have prepared quite a few cosmetic additions that can be set in LoL or LoR, among others.

Pride Month in games from Riot Games

The developers of League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Legends of Runeterra have summarized the content that will be coming to all games to celebrate this year’s Pride Month. Riot reminded that it has been supporting minorities for many years, so this year could not be any different.

We’re continuing our prideful celebrations for the 8th year in a row with free new content across all Riot games, AND a return of some of our Pride content from past years for those of you who missed it.

League of Legends

Two new Pride Emotes featuring two of our hardest-hitting Champs that’ll help you flex your pride (and skill) whether you get a solo-kill or clear that ward right as it’s placed

Lol_Vi.jpgLight ’em up

We’re also bringing back last year’s Pride emotes with the return of Partners in Crime, Accepted, and Pride 2022. Although, I hear Graves is single now (eyes).


And it wouldn’t be a celebration without homeguard trails returning! Change your boring homeguard trails to colorful, prideful homeguard trails by equipping any of the correlated Pengu Icons available for 1 Blue Essence a pop! Check out the list here: Prismatic Pengu Icon, Cotton Candy Pengu Icon, Galactic Pengu Icon, Sunset Pengu Icon, Twilight Pengu Icon, Primary Pengu Icon, Sherbert Pengu Icon, Mint Pengu Icon.

Lol_5371_prismatic_pengu_icon.jpg Lol_5367_cotton_candy_pengu_icon.jpg Lol_5368_galactic_pengu_icon.jpg Lol_5373_sunset_pengu_icon.jpg
Lol_5374_twilight_pengu_icon.jpg Lol_5370_primary_pengu_icon.jpg Lol_5372_sherbert_pengu_icon.jpg Lol_5369_mint_pengu_icon.jpg

How and When: You can unlock the Pride 2023 emotes through Missions that’ll pop up in your client starting June first! Past Pride Emotes can be purchased for 1 Blue Essence in the store—they’re Essencetially free. You’ll only have till the end of June 22nd to complete these missions, so team up and slay away!



Details Plz: Equipping Pride icons (of past and present) doesn’t just make your homeguard trails more pretty-like, it also alters your League of Legends profile background art with our brand new Pride art (see top of article). As a note, the equipped icon will only modify homeguard trails between June 1st and 30th at 1 PM PST. You’ll see the shiny effects at the start of game on Summoner’s Rift and after 14 minutes when you return to base—and I guess before 20 minutes if you respawn after death, but who does that?

Mission Name and Availability Mission Requirements (Matchmade games only) Reward
The Pride of Nazumah As a Team, slay four Epic Monsters


Earn points from time spent playing and winning games (750)


Emote: Flex
The Pride of Piltover Play as a premade group (2 or more)


Earn points from time spent playing and winning games (750)


Emote: Light ‘em up

Legends of Runeterra

We’re swelling with Pride this year. Over at Legends of Runeterra that means there’s a new emote (Nami Pride) rolling in on the tides alongside some returning Pride content: Tyari the Traveler Pride emote, Twisted Fate Pride emote, Poro Pride emote, and 8 Poro Pride Icons. Check out the collection here.


The icon is the same for Wild Rift, so check them out in greater details with the Wild Rift section!

How and When: The Pride bundle hits the store starting June 1st—oh it’s already there!? Well, let the celebrations begin! Pick up the Pride bundle in the store for 0 coins until it leaves June 28th!


Teamfight Tactics

Dip into the Convergence with a brand new Pride emote! Alongside our new Emote, our Pride booms are making a comeback. To be totally transparent, TFT is my main gig, but that doesn’t dim the rainbows of the following Pride booms you can equip: Mint Boom, Rose Quartz Boom, Sapphire Boom, Catseye Boom, Obsidian Boom, Tanzanite Boom, Citrine Boom, Rainbow Boom.

How and When: The new Pride emote is available via the Tacticians Stand United mission that is released alongside patch 13.11. It’s a pretty easy mission (no shade), simply play 2 games of TFT (standard queues), or play 1 game of Double Up! Just be sure to do so before June 30th! Check out the reward below!


Details Plz: As a reminder, equipping any of the Pride Icons (shown above in the League of Legends section) will give your Tactician the correlating Pride trail to swoop around on the Carousel with!

Wild Rift

Take Pride on the go with Wild Rift. Wild Rift’s getting two new icons and a new Graves emote that will be available alongside all past icons and emotes.

WR_TF_Icon.jpg WR_Leona_Icon.jpg


How and When: Pride wilds out on the mobile Rift, starting May 31st and ending June 29th, with two missions to show your support!

Details Plz: Here are the 2 missions of this event:

Mission Name Mission Requirements Reward
We Win Together Play 1 game Homeguard TrailAND

Pride Icon bundle (if not already owned)

United We Play Play 10 games with either a Pride icon or the homeguard trail equipped Pride Emote Bundle
2021 Pride Emote
2022 Pride Emote
2023 Pride Emote

Whether you’re rushing to Baron with rainbow homeguards, trying to add a 4th copy of Jhin to your deck, zipping across the Convergence, or just being a great ally, on behalf of us all at Riot Games, have a terrific Pride!