League of Legends players miss the old events in the game. Will the summer event positively surprise them?

The LoL community is reminiscing about the old days and believes that it’s been a long time since there were interesting and memorable events.

This year’s summer event is approaching and is expected to be one of the highlights of the League of Legends year. According to leaks, the summer event is expected to be unique in that it will introduce a breath of fresh air while abandoning the visual novel theme that has simply bored players.

Players sincerely hope that the new form of the event will turn out to be a hit because lately, LoL has been very bad in this regard. People have started reminiscing about old events that took place a few years ago. Fans are lamenting that those times will not return.

Memories of old events in League of Legends

It can be said that the topic of old times, which LoL veterans miss, is slowly becoming boring. However, despite this, it is still being revisited and a mass of people are contributing in the comments under posts of this type. This was also the case this time.

One fan recalled old events that, in his opinion, had “that something” in them that disappeared years later, making new events boring and repetitive.

I miss the old events. I have been playing for a few years now and the copy paste of event passes (not even really events) is such a repetitive chore now and does nothing all in making me want to play the game.

The first Spirit Blossom event? Amazing, sadly the ruined king stuff kinda soured the interactive novels going forward but it was certainly different when it first arrived. The PvE Odyssey stuff? It was like the holy grail of League events.

What happened? Why do we get a rehash of the same event (battle) pass every time? The only difference seeming to be that we get less and less unless we buy the passes.

Surely there is more unique and varied content we can muster with relative ease. Maybe a cool Arcane event leading into season 2 next year. Maybe something to tie in with the 2v2v2v2 mode. Anything other than these boring passes. 

Players sincerely hope that Riot is actually preparing something interesting for this vacation. The community would like the developers to present the new game mode in an interesting way. It is also important that there are no sizable technical problems, which turned out to be serious enough to ruin the fun for many players that year.