Patch 13.11 in League of Legends has been delayed. When will it appear in the game?

Riot employees have announced that the upcoming update will arrive in the game a little later. Why?

Patch 13.11 is expected to bring a lot of interesting new features to the game, including, among others, the much-awaited Rell rework. A lot of information about this is already known, as the changes appeared on the test server.

It turns out that the patch will be introduced with a small slippage, as reported by Riot employees. What caused such a state of affairs? When exactly will the patch arrive in the game?

LoL’s 13.11 update delayed

League of Legends developers have announced that the upcoming patch 13.11 will hit the game later than planned. More precisely – it will be added on June 1, 2023, which is Thursday.

Why such a change? That’s also explained in a brief tweet from the developers:

Quick Reminder! Patch 13.11 will be coming out a day later than usual due to a holiday.

This refers to Memorial Day.