Riot is giving ADCs less and less attack speed in League of Legends? Why is this happening

Is there significantly less attack speed in ADC builds since the last patch?

Attack speed is a key statistic for shooters found in League of Legends. ADCs focus largely on basic attacks, whose strength primarily lies in attack damage and attack speed. Even in the previous update, practically every item provided shooters with attack speed – there was no problem to achieve satisfactory values.

Update 13.10 introduced quite a few changes to items, improving, among other things, the items for ADCs that provide attack speed. Is it now more difficult to reach a specific attack speed ceiling?

Attack speed for ADCs

Fans of League of Legends have pointed out that there is definitely less attack speed on items after the release of the latest update.

The REAL issue with crit is that the satisfaction of high Attack Speed in builds is gone, especially in the earlygame.

  • 13.9: slot1 had a 20-30% AS mythic, slot 2 had a 35-55% AS item. Total of 55-95% AS at 2 items.
  • 13.10: 10-15% AS at 2 items for non-troll builds, 30% if you went Squidslayer.

Of all 16 crit items, 2 have 15% AS, 10 have 0% AS, and only 4 have more than 15%.

The player pointed out that not all heroes suffered from these amendments – champions, such as Draven, Jhin, and MF, who don’t need attack speed as much, in his opinion, came out on top. But is the situation as bad as it might seem? One Rioter commented in the thread, writing what was behind Riot’s decision to make such amendments.

Most of the comments here already hit on the intent: there is a ton of attack speed in the system already via Zerks, Alacrity, and LT. There really isn’t any +AD. So I intentionally trimmed some stack speed because it was often a wasted stat from a mathematical perspective. Things like Tristana Q and Varus passive would overcap you quickly.

I made a point to still include a few very strong AS items: Kraken, PD, and Hurricane all provide substantial As so if that’s a stat you want, you can get it. It’s also why Kraken has an AP ratio and a total AD ratio: if you want to stack multiple AS items, Kraken keeps scaling. Even Nashor’s Tooth was meant to have some fringe consideration (again, the AP ratios).

In the comments, moreover, there were quite a few statements from players who pointed out that the mid-season item update was supposed to reverse the meta. Builds for attack speed and on-hits are supposed to lose a bit in builds under critical hits – of course, it is still possible to get a lot of attack speed, but it will no longer be the default path for every ADC.