Who will get the first Legendary+ in LoL? More information about the upcoming Soul Fighter series

Leaks have surfaced about who will get a skin with the latest Soul Fighter theme.

In early May, it was revealed that the new series of skins in League of Legends would be Soul Fighter, one of Riot’s concepts that had been revealed long ago with the release of many other graphics.

Leakers not only gave a glimpse of what the new skin theme will look like but also informed that it will be tied to the summer event, so the biggest event of the year (see:Leaks reveal which series of skins will be associated with the summer event in League of Legends).

However, it was not known who would actually receive the mentioned skins. Now new leaks have emerged.

New leaks from League of Legends

Big Bad Bear, one of LoL’s very well-known leakers, has reported that he has leaked information about who will get skins from the Soul Fighter series.

As it was mentioned above, it’s supposed to be the theme of the summer event, an event that will take place this year’s vacation.

It’s also worth noting that the fact that Riot’s early concepts, which show Lux and Yasuo, do not prove that these are the characters who will receive skins. The developers were creating multiple designs from different universes, and Lux and Yasuo were only sample characters for each of them.

Back to the actual leaks – Big Bad Bear announced to the LoL community that new skins will go to Samira and Pyke.

It is also interesting to note that Samira is likely to get a Legendary+ tier skin, something better than a regular legendary, but not at the level of a super skin. The fact that the new tier is going to appear in League of Legends was talked about months ago.

Legendary+ skins are supposed to introduce many new animations, and in Samira’s case, this gives a lot of options, such as when leveling her passive.

Leaker also mentioned that this year’s event will not feature a typical visual novel, a format that Riot has been accustomed to in recent years. What is expected to appear during the vacation will be more akin to Wild Rift events.