A great idea for a new League of Legends heroine – Yordle Shee

One player has designed a new character that could appear on Summoner’s Rift. What does the Yordl he invented look like?

Yordle is a cute race appearing in Runeterra. There are quite a few of this type of character in League of Legends, and they have gained devoted fans over the years.

The concept of Yordles offers quite a lot of possibilities because, among the representatives of this race, you can really find every type of character: from the sweet and innocent Lulu to the brave and courageous Poppy, to the crazy Ziggs or the pissed-off Kled. One fan decided that he would invent his own champion of this type. And it will be a lovely girl named Shee. How does she present herself and what makes her stand out?

The idea for a new character – Shee

The author of the idea is Anna Zhilina, a Russian artist living in Moscow. You can see by her gallery that she likes colorful characters, which are often associated with races similar to Yordle – any gnomes, fairies, or other inhabitants of the magical forest.

The author of the idea described it this way:

I started playing League of Legends quite recently and I really think that this game is very inspiring. So, as part of training and additional practice, I decided to make Shee – my fan champion! 🙂

She is a good yordle girl, who likes plants, her magic sheep ShuShu and eating fruits.

The Yordle Shee and her fluffy sheep look like this:

The artist also designed a set of emoticons with her heroine:

The rest of the concepts and sketches:

Would such a character be successful on Summoner’s Rift? Looking at the fact that players like cute heroines who can get a lot of colorful skins, ideally suited for the Asian market – probably the release of Shee would give a lot of profit.