Riot answers questions about this year’s Pride Month in League of Legends

The developers have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Pride Month.

Yesterday, the appearance of a new graphic was revealed, which will be possible to set, as a profile background for Pride Month 2023.

Riot has been celebrating Pride Month in June for many years. In the past, various types of icons have been released that referenced LGBTQ+ flags, created promotional graphics, and themed emoticons or stories that shed new light on the relationships of certain characters known to Summoner’s Rift.

This year, there will be no focus on one particular couple as there was a year or two ago. The new graphic shows a group of minority characters. But are they all LGBTQ+ representatives from LoL?

Pride Month 2023 FAQ

You can see the new graphics celebrating this year’s Pride Month and the themed emoticons that have already hit PBE here: This is how Riot is celebrating Pride Month this year. New profile background and emoticons in League of Legends

The image featured several characters known from League of Legends. Some players began to wonder if these were all LGBTQ+ representatives from the game, or if any more characters counted as minorities.

Na to i podobne pytania odpowiedział Riot Yuujou.

How can I set up a new graphic to celebrate this year’s Pride Month?

This will be the new profile background when equipping the relevant icons during the event window.

Why did you change XYZ?

We didn’t. You assumed straightness.

Is this every LGBTQIA+ character?

No, this is a specific selection

Will rainbow effects return when leaving the base?

Yes, they will return!

Although the above answers are quite short, you can learn some interesting things.

Probably a lot of people have encountered that some players accuse the developers of changing the orientation of older heroes in order to modernize them or even fit into a certain trend. It turns out that, according to Riot, this is completely untrue, because it is impossible to change the orientation of a champion when this orientation was not openly stated before.