This LoL hero is wreaking havoc on ARAMs. Players are asking for nerfs

The League of Legends community is noticing that Aurelion Sol is too strong on ARAM mode.

The recent redesign of Aurelion has been a huge success. The once virtually forgotten champion, who had a handful of devoted fans, became very popular and, above all, extremely strong. So much so that some players began to complain about him on a regular basis.

Of course, Riot introduced various patches to at least balance Aurelion a little, but it turns out that the creators’ actions did not really work, especially when it comes to the strength of the character on Howling Abyss.

There, Aurelion Sol is currently the strongest hero in the entire League of Legends. He literally wreaks havoc and – if it turns out that players directing him know what they’re doing – it’s almost impossible to win against him.

Aurelion Sol and his strength on ARAM

The topic of Aurelion’s excessive strength was raised on the League of Legends Reddit, which on ARAM mode is simply too OP. According to players, this state of affairs is tiring and annoying. One fan published a post indicating that Riot should do something about this fact.

Aurelion Sol is just way too strong in ARAM. You can’t push against this champion. 

I’m massively disappointed in the lack of ARAM nerfs to a champion that powerful.

Another player commented:

Aram balance has been a joke for a while now. Such as nerfing Ashe ability and attack damage but not her item damage and than nerfing her further because he mandate build is too annoying.

Or champs like Akali or LB which are unbearable if the player knows what they are doing because of all the buffs they got.

According to the website, Aurelion Sol is currently the most frequently winning character on Howling Abyss – his win ratio is 55.57%.

Such a state of affairs makes some fans of ARAMs think that these stop being fun because the power of some characters leads to absurd situations. Often nothing can be done when specific characters are given to the opposing team.

Unfortunately, some players have lost hope that Riot will do anything about it, because as mentioned in comments on Reddit – the developers completely fail to deal with ARAM buffs and nerfs and make senseless decisions.