Details of Rell’s rework in League of Legends. How exactly will the heroine’s skills change?

Exact information on what a revamped Rell will look like has been revealed.

Rell appeared in League of Legends at the end of 2020, and quite quickly it became clear that she was not very popular. It was said that her launch was boring and by many people completely ignored. It was complained that the character’s skill set had some flaws, which meant that Rell would never be particularly useful or liked by fans of the game.

Fans of the character, who nevertheless liked her for her lore or character, asked Riot to make some updates and improve something in the character set.

More than 2 years after the release, the developers revealed that they plan to release a minor update – midscope – which is to fix the described heroine.

Details of the revamp have hit PBE. What do they look like?

Base stats

  • Attack speed increased from 0.55 to 0.625
  • Attack speed per level reduced from 2% to 1.5%
  • Armor per level reduced from 4.2 to 3
  • Magic resistance per level reduced from 2.05 to 1

Break the Mold (P)

The passive ability now collects stacks and is added to every ability. The large W + Ult combo rewards her with a fair amount of resistance. She has slightly lower base stats in her class, but they are definitely better when she hits more enemies.

  • Armor destruction and magic resistance reduced from 10% to 3%.
  • Armor destruction and magic resistance stacks up to 5 times per target
  • All abilities now apply the passive ability stack
  • Minimum steal value reduced from 5-12 to 2.5-5 dependent on level
  • Minimum steal from minions reduced from 0.5-2 to 0.25-1 dependent on level
  • Rell retains immunities for the duration of the buff even if the target dies
  • No longer deals bonus magic damage on hit
  • Hitting a new target does not refresh duration on all targets

Shattering Strike (Q)

Q is now able to hit back hard! Rell now has a bit more range with her CC in fights and in more ways she can initiate a fight. She can try to hit Q to enter W or start W, then use Q to make sure priority targets don’t get away. The changes required a bit of nerfing, however, but the shield continues to remain in its place.

  • Now stuns all targets for 0.75 seconds
  • Imposes passive ability and full damage to all targets
  • No longer heals self and ally
  • Changed range from 685 in front of Rell and 150 behind her to 520 in front of the heroine and 220 behind her
  • Cooldown increased from 9/8/7/6/5 to 11/10.5/10/9.5/9
  • Casting time increased from 0.35 to 0.5 seconds

Rell needs a lot of help to cope with jungle clearing, but she may prove to be a good choice. If the character continues to have problems, there is nothing stopping us from supporting her.

  • Added 250% damage to creatures in the jungle

Ferromancy (W)

  • W – Mounted Buff
    • Passive movement speed will be moved to E
    • Moving speed is removed when the character has a mount
  • W – Dismounted Buff

The state without a mount is now the one you want to be in when fighting for extra stats

    • Increases attack speed by 15/20/25/30/35%
    • Increases range by 75 units

Slowing down the heroine now has no movement speed limit, so buffs are more valuable when the heroine has no mount. If she uses a build with movement speed in mind she can be faster than other champions even without a mount.

    • Speed reduction changed from 280 to 15% (nerf in early and buff in later phases of the game).
    • Speed limitation without a mount removed
  • W – Crash Down

Nerfs here are the payoff for increased damage and range without a mount and definitely improved E and Q. AoE is definitely further sufficient to hit the entire enemy team.

    • Damage reduced from 70/105/140/175/210 to 70/100/130/160/190.
    • Shield reduced from 35/60/85/110/135 +12% of maximum health to 30/55/80/105/130 +10% of maximum health
    • Maximum slide distance reduced from 375 to 320
    • AoE range reduced from 200 to 180
    • Area reduced from 400×775 to 360×680
    • Jump range reduced from 500 to 400
    • Conquest time reduced from 1 to 0.75 seconds
  • W – Mount Up
    • Attack speed reduced from 25/30/45/40/45% for 3.5 seconds to 30% falling for 1 second
    • Deals 250% damage to monsters in the jungle

Full Tilt (E)

The new E allows Rell to start fights, feel fast and charge at opponents. It allows you to be definitely more active in fights and position yourself better under W. E in Q also has quite a lot of potential.

Strengthening allies is also a great signal for them to initiate fights. The extra speed to move toward an ally from the line comes in handy when running away when things don’t go our way.

The AA and Q enhancement adds another AoE to overlay passive ability and provides a bit of damage, which is certainly useful.

Magnet Storm (R)

No changes to super-skills other than superimposing a stack of passive ability.