Soon all LoL heroes will get this unique Ivern’s ability

If the changes that appeared on PBE make their way to the live servers, Ivern will cease to be such a unique jungle champion.

Ivern, both at the time of its release and today, is a unique hero among the champions you can find in the jungle. The champion does not fight mobs to gain gold and experience but uses his passive ability, which allows him to gather resources without hurting creatures. In addition, Ivern was the only jungler who was able to share the buff while keeping it.

This contributed to him being a really attractive choice in the solo/duo queue some time ago. At this point, however, Ivern began to fall off significantly, and the creators decided that it was high time to release his rework. At the same time, however, a change has dawned on PBE that may sadden fans of the champion in question.

What are the developers introducing?

There was an announcement on League of Legends social media that Ivern’s rework has been slightly delayed. However, the developers do not want to wait to introduce another novelty – sharing buffs with allies.

Hey folks, an update on Ivern: We heard Ivern player feedback that the last set of changes wasn’t something they wanted, so we won’t be shipping them. However, we’ve delayed universal buff sharing by half the season already, and want to get it out there in time to make an impact for the rest of the season. 

So, we’re shifting to giving Ivern some QOL love and a few buffs to make up for his loss of buff sharing as a unique feature.

We’ll be adding some more Ivern changes to PBE over the coming week, so just know that what’s on PBE right now isn’t everything. And, as always, everything on PBE is subject to change.

The introduction of sharing buffs for each hero is an indirect weakening for Ivern, who could have done this years ago. Although Ivern is expected to be updated soon, his patches have not yet made it into the hands of players due to a set of changes that his fans didn’t quite like. So the developers are promising to enhance Ivern’s current skillset for the moment.

Although this is a loss for Ivern, the change can have quite an impact on gameplay and significantly diversify it. Sharing buffs means that there will generally be more buffs during a match, which can drastically change the objectives for each team.