When is the end of the 2023 ranking split in League of Legends. When will the ranks be reset?

LoL developers have announced in how many days the current ranking split will end.

The ranking in League of Legends is extremely important for many people. Those who care about a high division focus on constantly improving their skills and, consequently, achieving further ranks in the ranking ladder. Of course, the higher, the greater the satisfaction, although there are also those for whom the lowest Gold is enough, all in order to get a Victorious skin.

If anyone doesn’t already know, Riot has slightly reworked the ranking system in LoL and now instead of one season ending, fans will play in two splits. The first of these will end in less than two months. The exact date when it will happen and when players’ ranks will be reset has just been revealed.

When is the end of the ranking split?

An announcement has been made on League of Legends’ social media profiles that there are only 50 days left until the end of the game’s current split. This means that players still have some time to climb the ranking ladder before the first split of the 2023 ranking season officially ends.

In 50 days, Split 1 of the 2023 Ranked Season ends. Ranks reset on July 17 23:59 PM CST and Split 2 begins a day later on July 19 12 AM CST. That’s still plenty of time to climb!

 Zed poses menacingly in his Victorious skin with text announcing 50 days until the end of Season 2023 Split 1.

As you can see, the split will end in this year’s summer vacation, which will probably fall in the middle of the League of Legends summer event. The developers are encouraging people to climb the ranking ladder now in order to make it in time for July 17. It seems like 50 days is a lot, although probably as usual the time will fly by in the blink of an eye.