This is what Coca-Cola’s latest limited edition collection with a League of Legends theme looks like

A new look for Coca-Cola cans has been released, which is inspired by a game from Riot Games.

Collaborations between game developers and various brands are not surprising these days. In the past, there have been many collabs with the most popular manufacturers of beverages, candy, or even snacks.

Riot has indeed undertaken many such collaborations over the past few years, sometimes a bit out of the ordinary, such as when it produced LoL popcorn.

Over time, the most popular type of third-party promotion of the game has been the creation of clothing with characters known from Summoner’s Rift. It’s not just the incredibly high-profile deal with luxury French fashion house Louis Vuitton, but also with chain stores, such as Bershka.

Now a photo of a new edition of the popular Coca-Cola drink with a League of Legends theme has appeared online. What do the limited edition cans look like?

Coca-Cola’s new collab with League of Legends

A photo has been published online showing Coca-Cola cans with a League of Legends theme. This is not as obvious a collaboration as one might expect, as one can look in vain for images of the most popular heroes, such as Yasuo, Ahri, Katarina, and Lux, for example.

The design is very modest and minimalist. You can see a reference to the divisions in the game and a small logo of the title.

Although many fans would prefer to see the face of their favorite champion on the can, it is certain that many people will buy a new edition of Coca-Cola just to have a limited edition can in their home collection. And as is well known – collecting aesthetically pleasing soda or energy cans is a hobby for many people.