Riot accidentally revealed who gets the Victorious skin? This caused confusion among players

League of Legends fans believe the game’s developers may have revealed the latest Victorious skin.

Victorious skins are extremely desirable collector’s items among LoL fans. Not surprisingly – it is impossible to get them in any other way than by getting the Gold+ division. What follows is that once a skin is missed, it will always be out of reach again. Some players to this day strongly regret that they did not have an account (or did not play ranked) in the early years of the League because today they would like to have Victorious Janna, Jarvan IV or Elise in their skin collection.

There are many fans of the title who play ranked games just to get the aforementioned Victorious skins.

Every year before the end of the season there is considerable confusion, as players guess who will be chosen by Riot this time.

Is it possible that the developers accidentally revealed who the Victorious skin will go to? Where did the information about this even come from?

Victorious Zed will make his way to League of Legends?

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The information, which appeared on League of Legends Twitter, among others, was accompanied by a graphic with Championship Thresh. There would be nothing particularly surprising about this – Riot often redesigns various splash art in announcements to make them more eye-catching.

However, players noticed that there was something puzzling in the description of the image. And it read as follows:

Fans were immediately interested in the mention of Victorious Zed, who as we know – is not in League of Legends.

Several theories were put forward in the comments. The first, and simplest, is that the text for the graphic is simply incorrectly generated and the machine confused the characters. This explanation seems to some to be a strong stretch, since neither the name of the character nor the name of the skin series match.

The second theory is that there was a mistake because originally the announcement was supposed to have Championship Zed on it, but the devs changed him to Thresh. Just why was he signed as Victorious?

Here one gets to the third theory, which is that Riot accidentally revealed who will get the next Victorious skin, and it will be Zed.

It’s hard to say how much truth there is in this. Would the creators of League of Legends actually be so careless and reveal such vital information? Or is this another “controlled leak” to arouse the interest of fans? We will find out soon enough.