Riot is changing the look of one of the pings in LoL. Will it now be associated with less toxicity?

The developers noticed that one of the new pings was being used in the wrong way. They decided to redesign it a bit.

The preseason brought a lot of news to League of Legends. Quite a few changes were related to items, including, among other things, the re-addition of Rod of Ages to the game.

Quite a lot has changed in the way of doing the jungle, and there was a refresh of the ping wheel, which not only got different graphics but also completely new forms of communication. And this is where a problem arose.

Another ping controversy in LoL

About a month ago, an article appeared about how, according to League of Legends players, a certain new ping has a rather negative connotation and can be used to harass allies. The story was told by one streamer, who compared the “bait” graphic to a noose with which to spam someone, suggesting that they take their own life.

It quickly became apparent that more and more people had this association, and the toxic use of the ping is becoming increasingly popular.

The Internet has been flooded with various reports and negative feedback on the subject, in which players have suggested that the developers change the graphics because not only are they tired of seeing someone use the ping in a bad way, but they also don’t want to use it themselves for fear of being accused of being toxic.

There were a number of separate posts on Reddit or Twitter, in which the community directly asked for the removal of the ping because it seemed useless to them. According to the players, the fact that the graphic is associated quite dangerously with a rope and bartering for one’s life should light a red light over the Rioters’ heads.

Finally, a new “bait” graphic has surfaced on the Internet. How does it look?

What do the players think about this?

Does riot think that changing the bait graphics will do something? The sound of that ping is already so burned into my psyche, making me immediately associate it with someone suggesting I kill myself.

The new graphic has slightly skewed and reworked the initial hook and added a decoration that can be associated with a leaf. According to many, such a redesign won’t do much, because the ping has already acquired a new toxic meaning, and that is how it is known. Adding a few embellishments or slanting the graphic will not make it stop being associated with something negative.

Some fans of the game suggest that the only way to do this is to completely redesign the graphics, change its name, and even its purpose. Only then would it be possible to abandon the previous associations. Good intentions and minor visual changes won’t help, especially since we’re talking about one of the most toxic communities in the gaming world.