New information and leaks related to the next LoL event. Will there be as many as 3 Prestige skins?

A well-known League of Legends leaker has provided more tidbits about the event coming to the game.

A winter event is currently underway in LoL. It is also known that the first event in 2023 will be Lunar Revel, a celebration of the New Year with new skins – Mythmaker and Lunar Empress.

Cosmetic additions will be released as part of the event, during which it will be possible to unlock frames, chroma,s or prestige editions. There was an article a while back about prestige skins coming to Sivir and Lissandra. In the case of the latter, it will be a return to an older skin – Porcelain, which came out in early 2022.

What else are the leaks talking about?

Lunar Pass Event in League of Legends

A well-known leaker in the League of Legends community – Big Bad Bear – has provided further information about the upcoming Chinese New Year event for the game.

The YouTuber revealed the appearance of the frames for the latest skins that will go to several heroes, including Thresh, Kha’Zix, Malphite, and Ashe, among others.

He also showed the appearance of the new bags that will be available in the event store. These will differ not only in appearance but also in content. According to the information released, the first will contain:

  • 2 skin shards priced at 975 RP or higher,
  • one skin shard priced at 1350 RP or lower,
  • an extra chance for 2 bonus shards.

The other, on the other hand, will offer:

  • 3 shards of skins priced at 1350 RP or lower,
  • or 4 shards of skins priced at 975 RP or higher,
  • or 4 permanent skins (any value).

Icons and chromas for the old Porcelain series skins will also be available in the event store. Each such set will cost 300 event tokens.

The leaker also mentioned a code snippet that mentions a new prestige skin.

Big Bad Bear claims that if this is true, the next League of Legends event will bring not two, but as many as 3 prestige skins.

This could mean that the event will be split into two parts, but it’s actually hard to guess what Riot is planning.

For now, it is known for sure that the prestige editions will go to the new Sivir and Porcelain Lissandra. Both will cost 2,000 event tokens.