Rammus built for AP, from whom there is no escape. The LoL player surprised his opponents

Rammus and Yuumi gave no chance to the opponents who tried to fight them.

League of Legends is a game where you can find multiple heroes, each with their own preferred building path. These are the items that work best with the character’s skill set and the conversion factors that can be found in them. However, it is often the case that an apparently incompatible build will make someone strong in a completely different way.

This was the case with Master Yi, once built for AP, and now one fan has discovered just how fun Rammus can be with items that enhance his ability power.

How does Rammus for AP perform?

Rammus is known mainly as a tank. His high durability is due to both the W – Defensive Ball Curl skill and the items usually purchased by the champion. Skills work well with the armor and magic resistance provided by the Rammus build. For this reason, players rarely choose to purchase items that improve other stats.

A user with the nickname MonoTheteus decided to test Rammus for AP. To the surprise of many, the champion handled his opponents surprisingly well.


The hero has strong AP ratios on his Q and ultimate skills. In rotating URF mode, where the cooldown is reduced by 80%, the champion can use the Powerball abilities practically indefinitely. For this reason, it can be incredibly quickly next to an opponent, crash into them, dealing damage to them, then run away and wait for the skill to be ready again.

The hero was also helped by Yuumi, who, thanks to her ability is able to transfer some of her AP to the person she accompanies, and the heal, which also provides speed of movement, harmonizes perfectly with the fast Rammus.