“Your shop” from LoL will return? It reappeared on the PBE. What is worth knowing about it?

It is reported that the well-known “Your shop” has returned on the test server. Will the promotion also come back on live servers?

LoL players love all promotions and new opportunities to get new skins for their favorite champions. There are more and more skins, and not everyone can afford to buy all they like for a standard price.

The promotion offers such as “Your shop” can help. This is a great opportunity to buy interesting skins at a lower price, which might not unlock under normal conditions. Will discount offers return to League of Legends any time soon?

“Your shop” in League of Legends

There is information on the Internet that “Your shop” has returned to the test server, which, as always, offers promotions on six random skins.

This may mean that soon a new “Your shop” will appear on live servers. The exact date is not known yet.

Jak dokładnie działa “Twój sklep”?

The discount bot uses your game history from the last 6 months to compare you to players of a similar style. On this basis, it creates offers that it thinks will appeal to you. The discount bot takes into account more than the most used champions, so the discounts offered may apply to other champions as well. We hope you will be satisfied with the selection of offers in the store.

Which skins will not go to “Your shop”?

  • Legendary skins
  • Super skins
  • Heroes and skins released in the latest patches
  • Limited skins
  • Skins exclusive to loot
  • Skins that are on sale during the offer period
  • Skins not sold for RP (bundle only, Victorious, Prestige, etc.)

The discount bot can select skins for champions you already have skins for, especially if they appear frequently in your game history. We hope you will find another skin of interest in the store or one that would not normally be available!