“I paid an editor $10 to edit my LoL video.” The players laugh that something priceless came out of this cooperation

Immediate viral, i.e. editing a clip from LoL for $10.

Everyone probably knows websites that offer various types of services, such as creating logos, intros, or editing videos. One of the LoL players decided that his play was so interesting that it deserves additional treatment.

He asked a friend who is visible in this clip to edit the whole action for him, adding some interesting effects to it. In total, he paid 10 dollars. What came out of it? Pure gold.

You can’t even tell what it was about

The action itself really deserves recognition, a lot has happened there. Editing, however, is a completely different story that is considered by the LoL community as priceless.

The clip went viral quickly, even landing on Reddit’s main page. Why? (we advise you to mute your phones if you are at school):


What happened in there? That’s what another Reddit user wrote. The editing of the clip is so extensive that it is difficult to even see what is happening on the screen.

$10 well invested. Probably in a few days, and maybe right now, you’ll see this as you scroll through TikTok. Out of context, this clip itself is something weird that is hard to understand. And with the context, too.