Which LoL hero will be getting the Victorious skin this year? Many people may be quite surprised

The creators of LoL have released a mysterious announcement related to the Victorious skin.

As it is commonly known, in League of Legends, for playing ranked games and achieving at least Gold, players receive the Victorious skin, which is a valuable collectible element. The skins cannot be obtained in any other way – neither from Hextech Crates nor from the store.

Each season has a different Victorious skin. The announcement of each of them arouses many emotions. Who will get the skin from this series in 2021?

Victorious skin preview

There are currently 10 Victorious skins in League of Legends. The first one went to Jarvan IV’s account, and last year it was received by Lucian. Many people wondered who would get the skin in 2021. Gamers picked out really different characters – it was based on which characters were popular in the pro scene, and so on.

There was a visual preview of the upcoming skin during the night, featuring the pink mascot’s head. There is a short text in the picture, at the end of which you can see a teddy bear emote. For many players, the announcement is clear – it’s about Annie.

The reactions to the announcement were really different. Some commenters expressed their dissatisfaction, saying that the Annie skin was not a good idea. Some have rightly pointed out that just 2 years ago, all LoL players were receiving this hero as part of the game’s 10th birthday. Back then, everyone who did birthday missions got the Annie-Versary skin.

More details on the Victorious Skin will likely be coming soon. So far, it is difficult to say anything more about it. It is not known what the character model or the appearance of the skill looks like. It remains to hope that this year Riot has put an effort and the skin Victorious will not arouse as mixed feelings as in the case of Aatrox from 2019.