Akshan, as a hiding ADC is too much of a threat in LoL? Players ask for an indicator similar to Pyke

A threat indicator similar to Pyke’s.

League of Legends players don’t like a few mechanics that are already standard in the game. One of them is invisibility, which is probably the most hated skill of many of the characters in the game.

Akshan has it, and although he can be seen when we are close, he can hide indefinitely to quickly attack unsuspecting opponents. Therefore, the community requests to add a “threat marker”.

Akshan’s nerf?

We have several different invisibility features in League of Legends. From full, but short invisibility, that Shaco or Talon possess, to long, but incomplete, i.e. with a marked range, after entering which the enemy sees us. Twitch and Akshan have such invisibility, but the latter can use it indefinitely if he is standing next to walls or in bushes.

As such, the community on Reddit noted that this is a really strong mechanic that should be nerfed. As the author of the post says:

The hero can sit next to his lane in constant hiding, and you can never push minionons, due to the high threat, just like your allies, because he is not on the line and can pop out behind their backs.

He’s also surprised that an ADC with such a dash set can be invisible on the lane, and his opponents don’t have an icon that he is nearby. Similar to how it was applied to Pyke.

If he is feeded, entering the bushes may result in a quick death, without the possibility of escaping, because he can reset his “E” after a kill.

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Will Riot do something about it? This is not known, but there is rather a small chance of it. If they make such a change, they will have to do something about Twitch as well, whose invisibility gives him increased movement and attack speed.