One of the LoL players, testing Akali’s dash, flew through the entire map several times. Several dozen seconds of animation

Akali flew through the map multiple times with one dash.

League of Legends is a game where you can find as many as 157 heroes at the moment, and Riot tries to make each of them stand out in some way. For this reason, LoL has a multitude of mechanics that are able to interact with each other.

The most iconic champions who are known to use their abilities to the limit are Viego and Sylas. This time, however, the player decided to check how long Akali’s dash can last – a heroine who received quite a lot of mobility after the rework.

How long can Akali’s dash be?

A user with the nickname Hunefer1 as Akali, together with another player who played as Ekko, decided to check how long one dash can last. Akali’s E allows you to go back a short distance and throw a dagger ahead of you, which marks the enemy. The heroine can reactivate the ability to jump towards the enemy, no matter where he is.

For this reason, characters who are really fast, or who can otherwise travel long distances in a short amount of time, will keep Akali in a dash for a really long time.


Ekko had a Baron buff that makes returning to base in half the time and was able to move to the opposite corner of the map several times. He could use a teleport spell, shortened recall, and his ultimate.

The entire dash took 37 seconds. This is not the first video that shows Akali dashing all over the map. Vandiril, known for videos that often show bugs that can be encountered in League of Legends, shared a video with Akali chasing Quinn. Thanks to the items and the summoner spell – Ghost – the chased heroine moved faster than the jumping Akali.

However, it is worth noting that Vandiril’s video was recorded in the training tool, in which characters are not limited by the ability’s cooldown time. Hunefer1, on the other hand, recreated a situation that could theoretically take place in an ordinary game on Summoner’s Rift.