Viego from LoL steals the shoes of other heroes. A strange bug in LoL that players make fun of

One of the players encountered another interesting bug in the game. This time it’s about shoes.

The Ruined King Viego is a champion that appeared on Summoner’s Rift in January this year. His premiere was a huge event, as many players waited for the addition of such a story-driven character. The hero was not only an interesting personality but also a mine of bugs. Due to the new mechanics of turning into other heroes, the champion often caused unplanned complications. There were so many mistakes that the Ruined King had to be banned from the professional scene for a long time.

Although Riot tried to eliminate various bugs that more or less damaged the gameplay, it turned out to be practically impossible to fix all of them- every now and then players discover something completely new. Recently, one of them noticed that Viego might escape from Mordekaiser’s Ult, which looks quite unusual. Of course, this is just one of the few examples of interesting bugs that happen completely by accident.

The most recent error is with the footwear. It turns out that Viego under certain conditions can get additional free shoes. What is going on?

Viego and free footwear

One of the League of Legends fans noticed something strange while playing URF. It turned out that Viego he was playing as at one point had two pairs of shoes in his inventory. And it’s not about shoes bought in the store, but the free ones – from the Magic Footwear rune.

As most players know, there is a rune in the Inspiration tree in LoL that gives the player free footwear after the 12th minute of the game. Each participation in a kill reduces this time by 45 seconds. What’s more – the owner of this rune cannot buy basic shoes by hand.

The aforementioned player noticed at one point in the match that he had two pairs of free shoes. He wondered how something like this had happened. It turned out that some of them came from the enemy Jarvan. When Viego took over his opponent’s body, the game decided that the Ruined King was to receive the free shoes. After returning to the previous character, a pair of Magic Shoes appeared in the hero’s inventory.

The player admitted that the bug not only looked interesting but made it impossible to upgrade any of the aforementioned shoes. The option to purchase was unlocked after selling one item.

The players joked that the whole situation is not a bug, but rather an imitation of real-life – after all, a man has two feet, so he should have two shoes.

As you can see, the Ruined King continues to surprise. Although it could be said that the number of bugs associated with him is so large that they slowly stop shocking anyone, and players just prefer to laugh it off.