“My most ridiculous Baron steal ever”, one LoL player shared his play

One of the players shared an interesting fragment of the match in League of Legends.

Although Baron steals happen from time to time, they arouse a lot of emotions each time. Usually, this type of action is thought through very well, but sometimes someone will steal Nashor completely by accident, or more interestingly – with a skill that deals little damage.

League of Legends fans have seen all sorts of situations that looked spectacular, fun, and shocking. This time a video appeared on the web, the author of which entitled “My most ridiculous Baron steal ever”. What exactly happened?

Baron steal by Leona

A player with the nickname Vennish uploaded a short fragment of his game to the Internet. In less than 20 seconds, something happened that the author will remember for a very long time. The video shows Leona heading towards Nashor, who is fighting with the opposing team at the time. The plan is to interrupt them or steal the creature. After placing the totem, the heroine waits for the right moment. When a monster’s health bar drops drastically, she uses her E and – to everyone’s surprise – steals the Baron.


Why is this action so surprising? As you know, Leona, who goes for a tank build, does not have as much damage as mages or assassins. Her E is mainly used to attract herself to enemies, and then impose a Q stun on them. The heroine of the video probably did not think that she would be able to kill the Baron with the Zenith Blade.

Such actions require a lot of luck. If the opposing jungler had correctly calculated the use of Smite, the whole action would probably not have happened. However, it is these mishaps that create the most interesting and weird situations.

One thing is certain – the author of the video will not forget this moment for a long time and there is only a small chance that such an action will be repeated.