Which LoL characters look simple but are really hard to play?

There’s an interesting discussion in the LoL community about what characters look simple when they really aren’t at all.

In LoL, some characters are referred to as “baits”. Surely, most players had a situation where they bought a given hero, watching gameplays on Youtube, or seeing an opponent’s game, believing that it is an easy character.

The problem arises when you have to play it sensibly. According to the players, there are at least a few such heroes who can be safely described as “bait” for new and inexperienced people.

Harder than it looks

The whole topic was started by a Reddit user with the nickname “cunhas15”, who asked directly:

Which characters look easy to play but are actually more difficult than they seem?

There were many answers, but evidently, some were more popular than others. A whole lot of people mentioned Singed, for example. It may seem that you don’t need much skills, but when you start playing with this hero, the truth emerges.

Next is Rengar.

Twisted Fate also scored a lot of points.

Karthus is also included in the list. He seemingly doesn’t require any skill, it is enough to have good timing, but hitting “Q” can be irritating.

A very deceptive character, among others, is Vladimir.

Then everything starts to blur, although people also mention:

  • Soraka,
  • Gragas,
  • Vayne,
  • Taric.

Then it’s a repetition of the same heroes from this TOP 5. You can see that Singed, Rengar or TF can really cause problems, despite the fact that their skill set theoretically seems to be easy.