A month ago, this LoL character got buffs. Now his main got to TOP1 on the EUW with 70% winrate in 255 games

EUW has a new TOP 1, who is quite an unusual player maining one character for the past 4 years.

Kaostanza is a player that perhaps some of you have heard about in the past. They are known to primarily play Talon in the jungle. And not for a month or two – according to available data, they have been maining him since 7/8 of the season.

This season, Kaostanza had the Challenger, playing virtually nothing but Talon in the jungle for 5 months. They mastered it so much that one patch was enough for the player to hit TOP 1. This is not a coincidence, because already in season 8 they had 4 Challenger accounts with Talon and Kha’Zix.

New TOP 1 at EUW

What’s so unusual about it? It’s all about the number of games won and how one buff pushed the player forward. As a reminder, on September 9, patch 11.18 hit the game, in which Talon was strengthened.

Kaostanza had won a lot of games before, but that only gave them strength. They managed to get the TOP 1 with a 70% winrate on Talon in the jungle. You can see that they also like to play Kha’Zix, where they have 63% winrate. Next up is Annie with 58% winrate.

There is no coincidence here. You can say that this is thanks to the buffs, but this player has had some really high-ranked accounts for several years. Now the new TOP answers the questions of many players.

So what are they building instead of Goredrinker? It turns out that they start a build against the tank team with an item that is considered average in the current meta, i.e. Youmuu’s Ghostblade. They then compose Eclipse and Black Cleaver. In this build, when it comes to runes, they choose Conqueror and Inspiration.

This changes when the opposing team lacks tough heroes. Then, instead of Conqueror, Raiden decides to use Electrocute, not building a Black Cleaver or other armor penetration, but Edge of Night.

It is worth paying attention to the Summoner Spells. They never take Flash but uses E to move around the map. Instead, ignite allows them to quickly gain First Blood while ganking early in the game.

Remember that choosing the right runes and builds is only a small percentage of success. At such a high level, a better macro level, making good decisions and appropriate time management are all important, which is certainly what Raiden Shogun C2 can do.