New chromas and icons for the latest skins in League of Legends – Solar Eclipse and more

New cosmetic content has appeared on the test server. What do they look like?

Yesterday, the appearance of the latest skins that will soon be available in League of Legends was shown: Presentation of 7 new skins for LoL and one Prestige edition. All splash arts. It turns out that the leaks that were circulating through the LoL community were real, and Riot actually released more skins from the Eclipse series, including the Prestige Skin for Senna.

In this way, Senna joined the heroes who have two Prestige skins – Kai’Sa (K/DA and K/DA All Out) and Lux (from the Battle Academy and Porcelain). In addition to Senna, the following skins will also be given to Gangplank, Yasuo, Kayle, Sejuani, Sivir, and Aatrox.

Cosmetic additions related to the latest skins have appeared on the test server – chromas, icons and emotes. What do they look like?

New cosmetic items


Gangplank the Betrayer
[8 chromas]
Sea Dog Yasuo
[8 chromas]
Solar Eclipse Kayle
[8 chromas]


Solar Eclipse Sejuani
[8 chromas]
Solar Eclipse Sivir
[6 chromas]
Lunar Eclipse Aatrox
[8 chromas]


Lunar Eclipse Senna
[8 chromas]





Prestige Eclipse Knight Senna Emote


MSI 2022 [Team] Emote