What does the new Solar Eclipse Sivir have in common with the Leona skin? The creators of LoL surprised with a new synergy

The new legendary skin for Sivir refers to Leona’s skins released a few years earlier.

On November 27, 2018, two legendary skins for Leona were released – Solar and Lunar Eclipse. The skins caused quite a stir because some players were not satisfied with the fact that Riot was selling one skin in two versions. However, there was a group of people who fell in love with the new image of the champion, and especially with her dance, accompanied by atmospheric music.

Over the years, the Eclipse series was not relaunched until April 12, 2022, when more skins with this theme were officially released. Among them was Solar Eclipse Sivir worth 1820 RP. The legend also has a changed dance and, interestingly, it refers to the aforementioned Leona’s skin, which was released a few years ago.

Interesting synergy between Sivir and Leona

Riot KDan revealed in one of his messages that he was working on a new skin for Sivir. Rioter pointed out that the heroine’s dance refers to the skins that started the series a few years ago.

Hello! I did the SFX for Solar Eclipse Sivir. When we were talking about what we could do for her Dance, we thought it’d be cool to reference Leona, and have a music that you can play in the bot lane together! Leona has to join in Sivir when the sun rings come together.
Rioter also published a short video in which you can see and hear the synergy of both skins.


It must be admitted that the combination of both skins looks and sounds really atmospheric. According to some players, the music and effects accompanying Solar Eclipse Leona’s dance are one of the most interesting in the entire League of Legends.