LoL’s forgotten heroes will soon receive new skins – announcement of skins for Kalista, Kled and more

The developers announced that several less popular champions will receive skins in 2023.

There really are quite a lot of heroes in League of Legends, so regularly releasing skins for each of them can be difficult. Rather, no one is surprised by the fact that developers are much more likely to create cosmetic additions to popular characters, and the less liked ones get something once every few years. Sometimes there were even absurd situations where a champion had to wait for a skin for 2000 days.

Fans of some forgotten heroes can already rejoice, as it was revealed that some of them will receive skins in the coming months.

Upcoming skins and themes

Riot Brightmoon, the executive producer of League of Legends, has announced that some of the not-so-popular champions will receive new skins in 2023.

There are still several heroes in the game who haven’t received any new skins for a long time, such as Aurelion Sol, Ivern, Kled, and Kalista. However, I have some good news. Each of them will receive a new skin this year.

In a further statement, Rioter said more about the skin for Kalisa. It is worth mentioning that the character has not received a new skin in more than 700 days.

Finally, Rioter confirmed recent leaks that said an old charming series would return to the game. Today it is already known that it is about the Cats vs Dogs universe.

To a series of skins whose beauty is overshadowed only by its sweetness.

A series that has so far given you cuties like Mops’Maw, Corgi Corki, and Yorick in cat pajamas.

So get some catnip and your favorite chew toys ready, because the next characters are about to get a little fluffier.