Riot about Skarner’s remake in League of Legends. Unfortunately, we will have to wait

LoL developers have returned to the topic of Skarner’s VGU. Has there been any new information?

Skarner is a hero who appeared on Summoner’s Rift on August 9, 2011. Today he is not particularly popular. One can even say that he has been completely forgotten by some players. How niche a character he is, at one time, was perfectly shown by the counter of days without a new skin – Skarner was the only one in the history of LoL to break 2000 days. Eventually, he received a new skin, but this did not make him more popular.

Helping the situation is supposed to be a full redesign of the champion, or VGU. This one has been talked about for some time – the creators even published preliminary sketches and ideas. What is known today? Do fans of the hero still have to wait a long time?

Skarner’s VGU in League of Legends

Lexi “Riot Lexical” Gao, the lead producer for Champions, has spoken out about Skarner’s upcoming reboot. The champion’s VGU has been talked about for some time now (for example: A first glance at the reworked Skarner. This is how Riot sees the new version of the LoL hero).

From Riot’s brief statement, it seems that Scorpion fans will have to wait a bit longer. Lexical talked about the hero update in a rather humorous way without giving details. However, it’s worth noting the bit about more information about VGU coming “later this year.”

It’s been a while since we last talked about our favorite crystal scorpion.

Skarner’s VGU team has begun looking for new ways to get his spiny fantasy going. We are currently scouring all available sources of arthropod knowledge for exciting themes, skill sets, and stories.

More on this process will be revealed later this year in the form of a blog post from the developer.