Great concept of the Spirit Blossom Vex skin. The character, according to players, fits the series perfectly

One fan has created designs for a new skin for Vex – Spirit Blossom.

Vex is a heroine who premiered more than a year ago. During this time she has gained a lot of fans, as well as enemies who even hate playing against her. The character has something of a following, as many artists love to design new skins for her.

The Yordle has lived to see such concepts as Star Guardian, Battle Academia, Elderwood, and PROJECT. Recently, another fan-made skin has been added – Spirit Blossom. What does it look like?

Skin idea – Spirit Blossom Vex

The author of the concept is BuruArt, an artist from France. Buru has really a lot of League of Legends-related work to his credit. Some people are probably familiar with some of these projects. The previous one, Star Guardian Vex.

Today, it’s safe to say that the artist is doing well with ideas for skins for the grim Yordle. His latest concept – the Spirit Blossom Vex – looks really great.

According to fans of the aforementioned heroine, Vex fits really well into the Spirit Blossom universe. The fan project only proves it. Should Riot create this type of skin?

The creator has also released a video where you can follow the design of Spirit Blossom Vex. You can see every stage of drawing – from sketching to fine-tuning the smallest elements of the outfit.


As you can see, the Spirit Blossom Vex skin has a lot of potential. Fans hope that Riot will take it into reality when creating more skins from this universe in some time.