Caitlyn getting a visual rework soon? Riot changed her model in TFT

It turns out that the dreams of Caitlyn fans may soon come true.

The fact that Caitlyn is a heroine who needs a visual rework has been talked about for many months. The first mention of this topic appeared almost 2 years ago with the release of cinematic Warriors. Fans massively asked Riot to introduce a new character appearance, which was seen in many scenes in the video. The new version of Mrs. Sheriff was definitely more serious, more mature, and simply more interesting than what can be found in the game.

The topic went quiet for a while until one day Riot shared another version of Caitlyn’s appearance. This time it came from the Legends of Runeterra card game. The players again felt that there was a chance that their beloved heroine would see some changes and eventually she would look serious, not as many people say – a character who ran from the circus. Unfortunately, despite the mass of comments, the matter was quiet again.

The latest information shows that the character will most likely actually receive a rework, and a new model has already been created. What is it all about?

Caitlyn’s visual rework

Today, a video about TFT appeared on the League of Legends YouTube channel. Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer tells about various plans and news. However, this was not what caught the attention of the community. Players noticed that in the video, Caitlyn is seen among the many fighting heroes. What’s more interesting – the model is not the one everyone knows from Summoner’s Rift. It is also not a skin (and these are also used in TFT quite often).

What does Caitlyn look like in the TFT version?

It is immediately noticeable that the heroine no longer has an exaggerated purple and yellow hat, and she has pants or tights on her legs. It is worth noting that despite the changes in the model, the splash art remains the same – there the character still wears the old hat and has uncovered legs.


According to many fans, Riot is clearly working on a visual rework for Caitlyn, but hasn’t wanted to officially announce it yet. Perhaps the inclusion of the model in TFT is to be a kind of announcement that will arouse interest among the community?

It is worth remembering what the heroine looks like in the LoR card game:

Fans sincerely hope something will eventually change and some champions’ old models will be refreshed. It is also worth mentioning that quite recently the creators asked the community about who should get a visual rework. As you can guess – Caitlyn was one of the most frequently chosen characters.


TFT was often a way to give information about new skins or heroes. In this way, Riot announced Shan Hai Scrolls skins or New Year’s skins from the Lunar Beast series.