Everything that is known so far about the new ADC in LoL. Possible skills, appearance and more

The players collected the most important information about the upcoming LoL shooter.

Although recently Vex, the new heroine who will soon be joining Summoner’s Rift, has been most talked about, some people have decided to take a look at what is known about the upcoming ADC. Interestingly – you can deduce a lot on the basis of what the creators published.

Information about the latest ADC from LoL

As you know, the game community from Riot Games is incredibly curious and perceptive. Players like to find various flavors, tips, and suggestions hidden in videos or announcements from Riot. A lot of the fan theories were really accurate and it turned out that the fans figured out very well what the creators wanted to tell them.

A few months ago, it was announced that some new heroes will be coming to the game. Among them was “Lucian 2.0” – Akshan, who was added to Summoner’s Rift mid-summer. The next heroine will be Vex, the gloomy yordl that has recently been the number one topic in the League of Legends community.

It was also known that the character that will appear after Vex will be the shooter. There was not much information. Riot only mentioned it in a few sentences and attached some art to the announcement.

The players decided to carefully look at all the collected facts.

At the beginning, it is worth noting that the first mentions of the upcoming heroes appeared 5 months ago as part of the roadmap. Most of the text was devoted to Akshan and Vex. However, anyone who looks closely at the short mention of the new shooter will notice that a lot of interesting facts can also be drawn from these few sentences.

That’s all for today — we should have a lot more to share after we start ramping down Viego’s saga. And after going through such a grim story, what else is there to do but take the next leg of the year head on. Get ready for a new marksman (bot lane this time) that will give you an electrifying glimpse into one of Runeterra’s most tenacious regions, one that never knows when to quit.

The players have carefully analyzed the announcement and extracted some words and sentences from it that they think may be really meaningful. The collected information was divided into 3 groups.

  • Skills:
    • electrifying glimpse – the character can have powers related to electricity,
    • ramping down – the character can move a vehicle,
  • Story background
    • grim story – the hero has experienced a certain trauma and has sad lore,
    • take the next leg – the hero may have a prosthetic leg,
  • Origin: 
    • most tenacious regions, one that never knows when to quit – according to players, this is a suggestion that the character comes from or is related to Zaun.

Why Zaun? There are actually a few things that point to this. First of all – the above-quoted sentence. Secondly – the animation that comes with the roadmap resembles various mechanisms known from Zaun. The characteristic aquamarine green and electric discharge also fit this theory. Moreover, fans have pointed out that Riot is currently working on the animated series “Arcane”, the action of which is strongly focused on the suburb of Piltover. This would be a great opportunity to tell the story of the new character, right next to the Jinx and Vi storyline.

Some time ago, with the release of the new Arcane trailer, there was an article saying that Riot included several scenes in the trailer showing the new ADC. What is it all about? Players carefully analyzed the video frame by frame and found some interesting information.

As you can see, a mysterious masked figure in a hood was shown during the short film. You can see that he is moving on a flying board and is holding a weapon in his hand. Maybe he is a member of some gang or organization.

One scene also shows that the masked figure is throwing something at Jinx. It is difficult to define what the mentioned item is, but according to some, it is, for example, a bomb or a grenade that could blind/hurt the heroine.

Some also say that the character seen in one of the Arcane promotional art is the newest hero shown from behind. It is not known, however, if it is for sure the same person who can be seen in several scenes of the announcement. It can be seen that members of the aforementioned gang wear masks and hoods, so it could be any of them.

What does the announcement say about the new champion’s relationship with Jinx and Vi? Here the theories are different. The fact that the hero is attacking one of the sisters indicates that they are enemies and are competing with each other. League of Legends’ lore has shown more than once that many characters who hate each other today used to be in a close relationship. Perhaps the new character and Jinx were friends, but certain events made them fight each other. According to some, it is also possible that the story of Arcane will initially depict their conflict, which will turn into a friendship as the events unfold.

It’s worth mentioning that in the trailers, Vi also fights cloaked characters.

What can be deduced about the hero’s abilities?

Certainly, an important clue is the mention of electricity, which can hurt or paralyze your opponents. A flying board indicates that the character can fly, move fast, or one of his abilities is a dash.

The players also suggest that the fight scene with Jinx reveals one of the skills – the aforementioned bomb or trap.

Perhaps some people do not know yet, but about a month ago a very popular theory emerged that Faey, the heroine of one of Riot’s stories, is an upcoming marksman. The theory is quite extensive, so it’s best to read it in full (see: Why do players think Faey might be one of the new characters that will appear in LoL?).

In a nutshell: Faey was a talented archer who delighted her mentor – Akali’s mother with her talent. For one incident, a young girl lost her leg, which was a huge blow for her. It is not known how the fate of the talented archer turned out afterward, but many assume that she went to Zaun, which is known for producing modern and improved prostheses for limbs. Faey could get a new leg there, and then join a gang to use her great shooting skills there.

It is difficult to say whether the above theory can be true. There are many heroes in the LoL universe who never made it into the game. Perhaps Faey was just a character to develop the story of young Akali, and the masked man in the Arcane trailers is someone else entirely.